How Can Kids Improve Their Coding Skills?

How Can Kids Improve Their Coding Skills

Students who have just begun to learn the basics of coding may find the subject overwhelming. Every person has their own opinion on how to learn to code due to its multiple functionalities and the wide range of coding languages. When you begin coding, you’ll quickly discover that it is much more fun than expected! Although it may seem difficult at first, you can improve your coding abilities as a kid by following these tips:

Keep at it, and don't give up:

There is a steep learning curve for coding because it’s a very technical skill. Learning something new may not seem difficult or tedious initially, so advancement will be quick. Your skill level will likely increase more slowly as you become more advanced, leading to you spending more time learning. This is due to the complexity of coding concepts. Many people give up coding when they realize they are progressing slower than they once were. Unfortunately, this is a big mistake! To learn how to code, if you give up, you will only learn a fraction of the skills you could have known.

Mentorship is a great way to learn

Mentorship is a Great Way to Learn

It is also essential to find an experienced mentor who can teach kids to code so that they can improve their skills. Finding someone older or more proficient than you can be a massive benefit if you want to learn to code independently. They can help you with projects, answer your questions, and push you to learn more about coding. The best mentors know a lot about their subject area and can form good relationships with their students. Mentors can assist you when you have questions about coding concepts you don’t understand and as someone you can look up to as an example.

Getting along with others

Working with others is a fantastic way to improve your coding skills, just like looking up to a mentor can help you learn the basics. Working on large projects makes this especially useful since multiple perspectives can be gained. When you work with others, you develop collaboration and communication skills and receive a second opinion on your code or projects. The best way to meet others is by taking a kids’ coding class or participating in a CodeMode (a multi-day coding contest where students must create a project to solve a specific problem). Both of these places can allow you to meet new friends who will motivate you to learn more about coding in the future.

Make sure your code is clean

It’s one of the hardest things for beginners to do, but once you learn how to write clean and concise code, your coding skills will improve significantly. Making clean code involves the following aspects:


  • The code should be commented on: You can add comments to sections of code to explain what they do. A line of code may be forgotten by beginners who may not be familiar with it. Comments also enhance collaboration since they show the other person what you intend to do when writing a particular code section.


  • Ensure variables, functions, and classes are named clearly: Variable, class, and function names are important when writing simple, easy-to-understand code. The names should be easy to understand to identify each one. For example, you would not create another variable with a lowercase “x” if you have a variable called “X” on your project. Code sections should be titled in a way that makes their function clear and easy to remember and type.


  • Make your code easy to understand and read: You should design your code so that it is easy to read and understand. You can improve the organization of your code by defining variables at the beginning instead of throughout. Instead of putting the definition code where it feels natural, place it where it makes sense when working with functions.


The tips provided here will help you improve your coding skills. Remember these tips when you learn how to program, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a better programmer! These tips can help you improve your coding skills and apply them to your code.

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