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A Message From a Fellow Coach

As a fellow coding teacher, I am passionate about the work we do in empowering the next generation of coders, and I am excited to share with you the tools that have helped me make a difference in the lives of my students.

I have been using this online coding platform that has transformed how I teach coding. It has made my job more fulfilling and has allowed me to help my students become more proficient in their coding skills. With this platform, I have seen my students develop confidence in their coding abilities and become more engaged in learning.

Get Excited Because We Are Too

We believe in long-term partnership, mutual growth, and equal opportunities.

Great Earning

Teach more, earn more. Get the

Build your brand

Build your brand, scale new heights in your career, and increase your visibility.

Flexible Schedule

Pick your work hours and teach only when you want to teach.

Teach from anywhere

A laptop and a good Internet connection are all you need. Save time, save the planet.

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Use our platform to build assessments, take proctored tests, create practice-based courses quickly and automate tasks to free up your time and do what you love – teach.heights in your career, and increase your visibility.

Get Committed Students

You can use our platform to filter good students from the existing pool, leverage our marketing talent, or use our assessment tool to filter. Students love good teachers and good courses

Why To Become A Teacher

Make a difference

You create a better world by teaching students to learn a new skill and becoming part of the success.

Turn passion into money

Your passion for teaching, coding, learning new skills, and exploring new ideas could earn a living.

Build a new skill

Coding is like Math. Learning to write code sticks only when you do enough practice. Online videos don’t make you practice enough and only focus on syntax.

Build a lifelong relationship

Teaching is a well-respected career. Your relationship, trust and respect stay with you forever.

Complete Ecosystem

We support you so that you thrive.

Training & Support

World-class Learning Materials

Best-in-the-class Learning Platform

Talented Students & Community

Only The Best Like You Join Us

We value your education, experience, and passion to teach.

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Frequently Asked Question

Our application process have five simple steps: Submit your application, share a demo video, take a technical assessment, do an interview, and sign the contract.

Unfortunately, we only accept teachers with a bachelor’s degree. For more information on our teacher eligibility requirements, check this page.

Our teachers make around very competitive salary (at par with market rate) but everything depends on your experience, commitment and value to students.

We offer extensive training to our teachers to develop their teaching and communication skills. Our teachers are trained extensively on standard operating procedures, curriculum, communication and more. We also have an LMS that allows you to learn asynchronously.

We set no limit on how many classes a teacher can teach. You can teach as many class as you like.

Our teachers get exclusive access to our in-depth coding curriculum, detailed lesson plans, tutorials, class activities, standard operating procedures (SOP), and much more.

Your earnings will be calculated based on the number of classes you teach. The more classes you teach the more you earn.

If you fulfill our requirement criteria but dont have enough teaching experience, you can start as a teaching assistant, gain experience and become a full-time teacher.