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Our innovative platform is designed to help you unlock your dream SAT score. We utilize data and analysis to identify the areas of study where you should focus most attention, adaptable worksheets that cater directly towards improving your time management style, as well as an assessment determining what type of student personality best suits how you learn: all culminating in our guarantee for enhanced performance! It's never been easier – let us partner with you on this journey and reach success together.










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High School Coding Internship Program
High School Coding Internship Program
High School Coding Internship Program
High School Coding Internship Program
High School Coding Internship Program
High School Coding Internship Program

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Advait Sharma
Advait SharmaPractical Python
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I must say that Python lessons are very informative and helpful. I am sure that they are going to help me in the longer run. Interesting and enjoyable sessions keep us engaged throughout. Comfortable amount of work set each week to ensure better understanding about the key concepts.
Pranav Kolathaya
Pranav KolathayaPractical Python
Read More
This coding class helped me understand the basics of coding. This can help me in the future because the largest growing industry is tech so this is very valuable information. This class also helped me entertain myself during the summer. I recommend you to join this class because it gives you very useful information.
Aarya Mishra
Aarya MishraPractical Python
Read More
In the past, I tried to learn computer languages, including Python, but it was never as exciting and easy to understand. The online classes, followed by comprehensive assignments, make the learning perfect. Resolution to queries raised is also made in a very supportive way. I find myself lucky to join this class, which will undoubtedly help me in my academics and career progression. I thank Yashvant sir for such wonderful Python classes.
NamanPractical Python
Read More
He is the most caring and friendly teacher who has managed to awaken my interest in coding. He teaches very effectively and makes learning a joy. Also, He is very engaging towards us, sends us weekly assignments and reminds us to submit them for review so that he can give feedback. His teaching method allows me to enhance my thinking capability.
Saujanya Bhavsar
Saujanya BhavsarPractical Python
Read More
It was really a nice experience learning with this team. The way they taught was easy to understand and the practice on the platform made me perfect step by step. I really enjoyed this course and learned Python forever. Thank you so much sir for sharing your knowledge and making me a good programmer.
Anuja J Tarmale
Anuja J TarmalePractical Python
Read More
A really want to appreciate and thank you for being such a wonderful teacher…the way you were interacting with students,making learning so interesting and explaining everything was outstanding… Thank you sir
KushAP Comp Sc A
Read More
Mr. Singh’s straightforward approach to teaching computer science was extremely helpful and made the concepts a lot easier to understand than the way it was taught in school. I feel more confident pursuing CS in college thanks to Mr. Singh.
Sairaj Mali
Sairaj MaliPractical Python
Read More
It was a great experience with codemode team . The platform of codemode is very helpful , and user friendly interface .Helped me a lot…

Problems in Preparing for SAT

Each student has a unique learning style, and the SAT is designed to measure not only knowledge but how that student processes information. Knowing your academic personality can help you maximize success on the exam!

Focus only on academics

Many students overlook the challenges of taking an exam like the SAT, which is more than just a test - it's also about testing how well you can stay calm under pressure and manage your time. Missing this key component could mean costly mistakes in achieving success on Test Day.

No Personalized Strategy

Students face a unique challenge when studying for standardized tests - the need for real-life test conditions. Without data to practice, it can be challenging to determine how strong one's performance is under pressure, where their weaknesses lie, and if they're spending time on topics that could have been avoided. Group instruction only adds complexity since no individualized assessments occur during class.

Become a Creator
problem-solving skills

Insufficient Practice

Students often find themselves in a vicious cycle of inadequate practice and wasting time by revisiting topics they already excel at. Similarly, difficulty arises when it comes to knowing which areas require improvement; letting challenges that can be conquered go unnoticed is unfortunate if they aren't addressed promptly.

Lack of technology

Even though the world of education is rapidly shifting to online and technology-based platforms, SAT preparation still largely follows a traditional path – paper practice. With many institutes offering tech-savvy services for test prep, it's not yet enough to give students an effective personalized learning experience when preparing for this important exam.

Prepare coding for the future

Ace SAT & Get Your Dream College

Our innovative & unique model helps you know about yourself (student personality).
We treat SAT as sports and help you realize your potential.


Students today are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information they have at their fingertips. Unfortunately, this makes it hard to stay focused on learning - with social media and long videos providing constant opportunities for distraction. That's why so few students finish more than 30% of any given course!


With a customized assessment of your learning needs and study style, we've designed an individualized plan to help you succeed. Our personalized approach helps identify any knowledge gaps while providing guided practice on time management essential for active learners!


World class talents - from athletes to artists and scholars - know the importance of practice. With our platform, you get to learn more about yourself with every session as we help improve your pacing and knowledge in an effective manner. Let's make this journey together so that more practice leads to even greater achievements!

Improve (Personalized Learning)

By training with us, you'll gain vital insights into your performance - from understanding what aspects to focus on and where traps may lie, through to managing effort levels more effectively. Our powerful machine learning model makes sense of countless data points so we can pinpoint the very best path for success.

Data & Technology at the Center of Your Preparation

While SAT can be on paper, our practice and preparation can utilize data & technology to save effort, ensure high scores and reduce stress.
FYI - SAT is going online starting in 2023

AI-Based Data Analysis

Our innovative platform seamlessly combines data & analytics to help identify academic gaps. The more you use it, the better our AI-based system gets - collecting and analyzing even more information for pinpoint accuracy.

Focus on Behavioral/Personality

With the SAT, your success doesn't just depend on what you know - it's also about how much time you can manage. Our unique platform and tutors recognize this challenge and provide helpful strategies to help ensure every second counts!

Adaptive Practice

Unlock your potential with our adaptive practice model! We help you maximize the impact of every minute of preparation by giving tailored questions so you can focus on what needs improvement. Level up and get out of your comfort zone to become more confident in tackling any challenge that comes your way!

Personalized Learning

Through our innovative recommendation engine, you can save both time and effort. It directs you to areas of focus so that your energy is not wasted in ineffective or redundant pursuits – giving you more valuable moments for what matters most!

Additional Learning from Khan Academy

With our innovative platform, you can learn and grow right at your fingertips! All questions are designed to seamlessly integrate with specific Khan Academy videos - no need to leave the page for comprehensive educational content. Now learning is easier than ever before.