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Nice, easy-to-understand course with simple explanations which makes the course easy and interesting.

Soun kanwar
Jaipur, India
Foundation of Prorgramming

I have learned a lot from this course, this course is best for beginners,
Teaching method used in this course is really good ,i really enjoyed this online course.

Madhusudan singh
Churu, India
Foundation of Prorgramming

CodeMode is very good place to learn programming. Special thanks to yashwant sir for teaching us. We have learnt a lot. Thank you yashvant sir and all CodeMode team. I suggest students to join codemode classes to learn programming languages.

Rajveer Singh Shekhawat
Jaipur, India
Foundation of Prorgramming

It was a great experience with codemode team . The platform of codemode is very helpful , and user friendly interface .Helped me a lot with Python , thank you sir and mam.

Sairaj Mali
Mumbai, India
Practical Python

A really want to appreciate and thank you for being such a wonderful teacher…the way you were interacting with students,making learning so interesting and explaining everything was outstanding… Thank you sir

Anuja J Tarmale.
Ahmadnagar, India
Practical Python

It was really a nice experience learning with this team. The way they taught was easy to understand and the practice on the platform made me perfect step by step. I really enjoyed this course and learned Python forever. Thank you so much sir for sharing your knowledge and making me a good programmer.

Saujanya Bhavsar
Aurangabad, India
Practical Python

The good and wonderful experience learning python. Thank you sir for giving us such deep knowlege about programming.

Namrata S Dharpale
Aurangabad, India
Practical Python

A great course to start with. It is very simple and helpful. I really enjoyed it alot.

Apeksha Raosaheb Buchude
Nasik, India
Practical Python

This coding class helped me understand the basics of coding. This can help me in the future because the largest growing industry is tech so this is very valuable information. This class also helped me entertain myself during the summer. I recommend you to join this class because it gives you very useful information.

Pranav Kolathaya
Atlanta, USA
Practical Python

Through the course of this class I was able to learn the basics of coding. It helped me learn how to code Python and how it is used in our daily lives. At times I wanted to give up or quit, but I’m glad that I kept going because of how much I learned and how I can use this knowledge in my future.

Aneesh Ayyagari
Atlanta, USA
Practical Python

Mr. Singh’s straightforward approach to teaching computer science was extremely helpful and made the concepts a lot easier to understand than the way it was taught in school. I feel more confident pursuing CS in college thanks to Mr. Singh.

Atlanta, USA
AP Computer Science A

It is a very fun and engaging class every minute of the class. I’m learning something that will help me with my future and I’m having fun while doing it. Yashvant is a very caring and patient teacher allowing me to do better in class even when i struggle in some areas, and I’m happy I’m taking his python classes.

Atlanta, USA
Practical Python

In the past, I tried to learn computer languages, including Python, but it was never as exciting and easy to understand. The online classes, followed by comprehensive assignments, make the learning perfect. Resolution to queries raised is also made in a very supportive way. I find myself lucky to join this class, which will undoubtedly help me in my academics and career progression. I thank Yashvant sir for such wonderful Python classes.

Aarya Mishra
Jamshedpur, India
Practical Python

I must say that Python lessons are very informative and helpful. I am sure that they are going to help me in the longer run. Interesting and enjoyable sessions keep us engaged throughout. Comfortable amount of work set each week to ensure better understanding about the key concepts.

Advait Sharma
London, UK
Practical Python

He is the most caring and friendly teacher who has managed to awaken my interest in coding. He teaches very effectively and makes learning a joy. Also, He is very engaging towards us, sends us weekly assignments and reminds us to submit them for review so that he can give feedback. His teaching method allows me to enhance my thinking capability.

Shaswat Naman
New Delhi, India
Practical Python

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