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Coding is a 21st-century skill and is in growing demand in high school, jobs, and upskilling. Expand your tutoring business with us easily. We treat coding as Math, and our innovative teaching model clubbed with our home-grown platform, gives you a solid foundation to become successful.

A complete ecosystem to start a coding institute – 100% Paper-free

Built from scratch for coding – we give you everything to start your online institute today or add coding courses to your existing institute.


We have world-class, practice-based courses to begin with (and we are adding new courses daily). Your tutors will simply follow these courses and train students. You can create and add your courses too. Most importantly, there is no pen/paper involved. Everything is online.

Training & Support

We can train your trainers/tutors on our coding platform, course structure, teaching model/process as well as student engagement. We provide support to your staff and, if needed to your students. If you need to add courses, we can provide training and logistics support with the help of our backend team.

Coding Platform

Our online coding platform is simple and intuitive. We not only provide a dedicated coding editor, but each code block can run on its own without going to another screen/editor. We currently support C++, Java, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, etc.


Need some marketing push? Our marketing team can help you market your institute to get quality students. With our email marketing, Instagram marketing, and Facebook marketing channels, you can reach more students and enroll them.

Partner’s Feedback

These words mean a lot to us and motivate us to keep going. We want to give the high scores,
one student at a time

"It is always a great pleasure to work with CodeMode. Love the way they teach and provide education to the students. Proud to be their partner."

Yashwant Singh

Co Founder Perfectice

"It is always a great pleasure to work with CodeMode. Love the way they teach and provide education to the students. Proud to be their partner."

Yashwant Singh

Co Founder Perfectice

"It is always a great pleasure to work with CodeMode. Love the way they teach and provide education to the students. Proud to be their partner."

Yashwant Singh

Co Founder Perfectice

"It is always a great pleasure to work with CodeMode. Love the way they teach and provide education to the students. Proud to be their partner."

Yashwant Singh

Co Founder Perfectice

More than 1 reason to start your coding institute

Technology is future and it all starts with one programming language. Help kids love technology.

Earn More

Earn more by registering more students while bringing your own, existing students. Generate revenue by selling your high-quality content (practice tests, courses, and video lessons). We provide you with an unlimited market waiting to be tapped.

Build your brand

We help you establish your brand so that you can scale new heights, either as an individual tutor/teacher or via effective promotion of your institute on CodeMode with easy access to students in your local area. Make your content reach a larger set of students and increase your visibility.

Save Time & Scale

Coding is on the computer (& not on pen/paper). With our platform, all courses and assignments are online, and there is no manual evaluation. You simply teach and let student practice. This time-saving model helps you scale faster – now, you can easily teach more students (online or in-person).

Easy To Set Up

Dive straight into starting your online tutoring business without requiring technical knowledge. Our platform is easy to use and can be set up within minutes. All it takes is a few clicks. We will ensure that you are up and running quickly. Just bring your teaching skills or bring your tutors.

Numbers Speak

We trust numbers because they reflect our hardwork.













Program You Can Offer

Live Online | In-Person Classes | Online Courses | Summer Camps


Elementary & Middle School


Foundation Computing

6 Months

Real Coding

Middle & High School

[USA] AP Computer Science Principle
[USA] AP Computer Science A
[CBSE] x

9 Months

Advanced Coding

High School & Above

Data Structure & Algorithm

Advance Python
Web Development
Game Development

9 Months

Data Science & AI

High School & College


Microsoft PowerBI
Machine Learning

12-16 Months

Problems students face in Learning to Code

Video-based learning is disengaging

With a barrage of social media and lengthy videos, learning is becoming increasingly difficult for students. Unfortunately, many are left unable to finish more than the bare minimum amount of their courses - often less than 30%.

Team, Process & Collaboration

Many students struggle to keep up with the pace of a video when learning how to code. Even after doing online searches, they can find themselves frustrated by coding's complexity. Fortunately, support and guidance are available so that everyone has an opportunity to become proficient in this vital 21st-century skill!

Lack of practice

Coding is like mathematics––the more you practice, the better your skills become. While online videos are a great resource for learning syntax and code fundamentals, real success in coding comes from putting time into practicing regularly!

Limited to Syntax

Jumping straight into a programming language's syntax may seem like the best way to learn, but it can quickly leave you feeling muddled and lost. Without preparation for problem-solving first, students often miss out on connecting the dots in their learning journey - making mastering code more of an uphill battle than necessary.

More Than Typical Classes/Courses

We keep problem-solving skills at the core. We teach the right tools and techniques.
Practice is at the heart of our model.

Coding Practice

Practice, Practice & Practice

We treat programming like Math when it comes to learning Practice, practice, and practice – That’s our mantra because that’s how concepts stick in the little brain. Worksheets follow each lesson, and students can only move to the next lesson after satisfactorily completing these worksheets. This ensures that students are comfortable and ready for the next concept.

Complete Ecosystem

Focus on Problem Solving Skills

Once you learn one, learning another language is super easy. Before we dive into the syntax and grammar of programming languages, we solve the problem using logic and algorithm. We teach students to visualize solutions using a flowchart, trace table, and bubble diagrams before writing a single line of code. This helps build good analytical and problem-solving skills and makes programming easy to learn.

coding Learners

Community of Peer Learners

In this journey, you are not alone At every step, you get the support you need to excel. You will be part of a healthy, thriving community of peers learning and supporting their fellow learners. Have a question? Post and get an answer immediately from someone – not to mention that such responses are also being reviewed and moderated by mentors on the platform.

Real-Time coding Help

Real-Time Help

Get help when you are coding and make real progress. You will be guided by our hand-picked mentors trained to provide you with real-time help when stuck. Students feel frustrated in programming and eventually give up when they can’t go past an error in code or can’t solve problems. Getting help is only a click away; you will chat and share screens with mentors.

Earn Certification & Internship

Earn Certification & Internship

Once you start, we stay behind you to make a finisher. Earn CodeMode’s certification, assuming you pass our video-proctored exit Assessment. We also assist you in taking industry certification. What’s important (especially for college aspirants and job seekers) is to build internship experience. Our top performers earn paid/unpaid internships, which can be showcased in resumes & college applications.

Complete Ecosystem

Complete Ecosystem

We built a new learning model from scratch, and it is more than creating a few courses or bringing some talented teachers. We used our experiences as technologists and parents to develop a practice-oriented coding platform. We learned from Math and other subjects to create courses in which practice is at the core (each chapter is divided into concepts; each concept has text and videos; a quiz follows each concept to validate understanding; each chapter has one or more practice worksheets).

Built With The Latest & Greatest Technology to Scale & Perform

Build out of personal experience, designed in US, developed by teams in USA, India & Vietnam and used globally by leading educational institutes – the same platform now powers our coding platform.