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Frequently Asked Question

Coding for kidshelps improve their logical thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, creativity, mathematics and writing skills and also gives them valuable skills in life and at the workplace. Coding provides a competitive advantage when applying to colleges, internships, and jobs. In addition, basic programming knowledge can change how kids interact daily with the technologies they use. It’s a basic literacy–one we can’t afford to overlook.

Our coding courses for kids have been developed so that a complete beginner can follow along without any trouble. With technology increasingly prevalent across so many industries, even basic coding knowledge can help kids regardless of the career they ultimately decide to pursue.

Kids can start learning to code as early as 4-5th grade. When kids learn to code, it’s typically done under the guidance of a game. This makes the process fun and engaging while the kids are still learning a new skill. Our highly qualified Computer Science teachers at CodeMode break the complex concepts into small digestible chunks for your child. Kids who learn to code when they’re young can set themselves up for a lifetime of opportunities for success.

CodeMode currently offers live online coding classes in small groups. Our coding courses include Scratch Programming, Python, Java, AP Computer Science, SAT Math, ACT Math, Data Science and many other courses for Grade 4-12 students from age 10 years and above.

A key aspect of our courses is keeping parents informed on what happens during the online or in-person class. We conduct the monthly Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM) every month or on demand. As the course progresses, parents receive weekly progress reports, which detail students’ current level, practice made, time spent practicing etc. The parents also recieve online access to the dashboard to review their current status at any time. Besides regular email updates on the kid’s progress, parents and teachers are welcome to audit a current class or review worksheets of completed classes.

Our teachers are experts in Computer science and Math, backed with years of industry and teaching experience, and passionate about teaching kids. We hire only the top 1% of applicants who are vetted for their technical skills and communication skills. A thorough background check is also done. We train our teachers to help them continue improving their skills with continuous teacher observation and feedback. Our teachers are best-in-class who are on a mission to inspire kids to fall in love with coding & Math.

Coding is a skill that requires specialized knowledge. While there are many resources available online that can help you catch up on the basics and start teaching coding to your child. However, the best and most effective way to teach a child to code is by ensuring they have a qualified and trained computer science teacher to guide them on their coding journey. Try a free 1-on-1 coding class for kids to get started.

We believe that one cant learn biking or swimming without actually doing it. Similarly, one cant learn coding just by watching videos or games. Coding is like Math. Practice is the best way to learn. Our practice-based learning is baked into each course and guarantees your learning forever (you wont forget).

Yes! You can work the classes around your child’s schedule by selecting any time and any day that works for you.

All that is needed to learn with us is a laptop/computer with a webcam and a stable internet connection.