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Our classes provide students with a full hour of cumulative knowledge and dedicated guidance, supplemented by extra sessions whenever necessary to ensure success. We also offer real-time support following each class.

Coding internship for high school students

Our practice-based, Hand-on Learning Programs

Our mission is to provide more than just a course in coding - we're here to help students of all ages develop a passion for Computer Science. Through our mentorship program, each student will have the opportunity to gain meaningful experience and a lasting appreciation for this dynamic field!


Real Coding

Advanced Coding

Advance Python
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Real Students, Real Voices

We know how impactful words can be, so come join us and find out what coding has to offer! Our program is a great way to unlock motivation and nurture creativity. Don't miss the chance - dive into our world today!

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Our Students and Parents are Brand Ambassadors

We strive to impart the importance of knowledge and creativity in order to inspire aspiring innovators. Through cultivating these values, we believe that every student can make a positive impact on our world!

Two AP Credits

Learn once, Earn Two AP Credits

Here at our academy, you don't have to learn to code for every programming language. We'll show you how one knowledge can get two college-level credits - with just a few quick steps! With Python's online codes being compatible with Java, your success is now easier than ever: AP Computer Science Principle and AP Computer Science A are within reach!

Become a Creator

With coding classes, school students get the opportunity to be more than just technology consumers - they can transition into becoming creators and innovators. They learn how to build something new and gain a deeper understanding of all aspects of tech that go beyond surface-level knowledge. Plus, when it comes to crunch time, you'll have the know-how to automate tedious tasks using this versatile platform!

Become a Creator
problem-solving skills

Improve Problem Solving Abilities

Understand the fundamentals of coding to unlock a range of cognitive advantages! Studies show that working with code increases your analytical and problem-solving abilities by as much as 70%, aiding academic, professional, or personal performance. Think logically through steps and explore multiple solutions to any challenge - you'll be surprised at just how creative your brain can be when given this task!

Prepare for the future

Innovation is quickly changing the face of today's job market, with more and more employers requiring knowledge in STEM-related fields. Knowing how to code can provide high schoolers with more comprehensive career opportunities - from finance and construction to life sciences and retail. Fortunately, many coding classes for high school students are available online, making learning this vital skill more accessible than ever! Get your foot in the door by joining an exciting Coding class for High School Students today!

Prepare coding for the future

Problems in Learning to Code

Video-based learning is disengaging

With a barrage of social media and lengthy videos, learning is becoming increasingly difficult for students. Unfortunately, many are left unable to finish more than the bare minimum amount of their courses - often less than 30%.

Team, Process & Collaboration

Many students struggle to keep up with the pace of a video when learning how to code. Even after doing online searches, they can find themselves frustrated by coding's complexity. Fortunately, support and guidance are available so that everyone has an opportunity to become proficient in this vital 21st-century skill!

Lack of practice

Coding is like mathematics––the more you practice, the better your skills become. While online videos are a great resource for learning syntax and code fundamentals, real success in coding comes from putting time into practicing regularly!

Limited to Syntax

Jumping straight into a programming language's syntax may seem like the best way to learn, but it can quickly leave you feeling muddled and lost. Without preparation for problem-solving first, students often miss out on connecting the dots in their learning journey - making mastering code more of an uphill battle than necessary.

More Than Typical Classes/Courses

At the center of our model lies an emphasis on honing problem-solving abilities. We equip students with essential tools and techniques for success, whether in school or beyond; after all, practice makes perfect!

Coding Practice
Practice, Practice & Practice

Programming can sometimes be intimidating, but we believe the best way to master it is through repetition. Our tried-and-true mantra of practice makes perfect and helps guarantee that concepts are effectively cemented in students' minds. Each lesson has worksheets to ensure students fully understand and comprehend the material before advancing on their programming journey!

Complete Ecosystem
Focus on Problem Solving Skills

Language learning is a piece of cake once you understand the basics! At our school, we focus on developing strong analytical and problem-solving skills when introducing programming. Students learn to visualize their solutions using flowcharts, trace tables, and bubble diagrams before any code gets written! This allows them to easily comprehend the fundamentals behind coding – making it an exciting journey for all involved.

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Community of Peer Learners

Welcome to a community of learners where you will find the motivation and guidance necessary for success! You are never alone in this journey, with our expert mentors available around-the-clock to answer questions or lend support. Join us now and let yourself be part of a fantastic group that encourages growth, knowledge sharing, and camaraderie as we take each step together.

Real-Time coding Help
Real-Time Help

Take the guesswork out of coding with our hand-picked mentors! Our real-time help and guidance are designed to empower students in their programming journey, so technical difficulties should never mean giving up. Let us take care of small roadblocks - a simple click connects you directly with experts who can provide support via chat or even share screens if needed.

Earn Certification & Internship
Earn Certification & Internship

Start your journey with CodeMode, and we'll be there every step of the way to help you complete it. Take our video-proctored exit Assessment to earn certifications that will set you apart in college applications or job searches. We even assist in getting industry certification! Our star pupils can participate in paid/unpaid internships - an invaluable tool for putting together resumes and other academic credentials.

Complete Ecosystem
Complete Ecosystem

Our innovative learning model is far beyond traditional teaching methods. With a tech-savvy approach to instruction, we reconstructed the educational experience from the ground up - bolstering courses with our experiences as tech professionals and parents alike! We took inspiration from math lessons, crafting practice-centered coding platforms that break down each chapter into comprehensive concepts accompanied by videos for further clarification. Each image wraps up with quizzes designed to ensure students retain an understanding of the material before progressing onto worksheets intended to deepen their knowledge base even more!