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Get A grade in AP Comp Sc A

While AP Comp Sc A is an excellent college level Java course, it could be daunting and overwhelming for many. The course accelerates too quickly and can seem hard, especially if you didnt get a good teacher. Get timely help. We follow your school curriculum so that you stay ahead in the class, get good grades and really learn Java to score A grade in AP test.

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Now enrolling 5-12K for Python

Coding skill is futuristic. Coding is like Math. Invest in the future and learn to code under guidance. Our proven daily practice model focuses on problem-solving skills and online support to ensure that you finish once you start. Get an edge by learning how to make computers work for you rather than simply using a computer!

Learn to Code Online
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Learn Once, Learn Forever

We focus on the fundamentals of solving a problem using several visualization tools such as Flowchart, Bubble chart and Trace tables. This way, you master one programming language and lay the foundation of the next one.

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Get help when you really need

Students need timely help, especially when they are stuck in coding. We provide unlimited help to ensure they progress and finish worksheet/practice books on time rather than waiting on the next class/session.

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Focus and Grow Problem-Solving Skills!

Rather than getting lost in the coding syntax, we solve problems first by decomposing, visualizing and integrating pieces. This helps a student build logical thinking. These problem-solving skills help students solve different types of problems, not limited to coding problems.

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What We Offer

We offer an innovative, practice based learning model, a data driven platform and superior support system.

Online Lessons

Join our online classroom for an hour, learn the subject matter/lesson. The session covers small concepts built on top of previous concepts/lessons. If you miss a lesson or want to revise, you are welcome to join again. We have built our own Zoom for educational purposes. You are not required to take notes because we send you notes at the end of the classroom.

Practice Worksheets

We teach coding the same way you learn Math. Practice is key. The concepts will stick to student’s mind only after due practice. Each lesson comes with several practice sheets. Our mentors evaluate your practice sheet. After satisfactory results, you qualify for the next lesson.

Timely Help & Support

Budding programmers face several issues right from syntax errors to run time errors. They find it hard, and they eventually lose interest. Our mentors are available in the evening (daily) and weekends to help students move forward by resolving any issues.

Complete Platform

We teach coding and provide a complete ecosystem, right from a strong student community to an online platform (Learning Management System), lesson plan, and our own Zoom. This ensures that you simply focus on learning and practice, nothing else.

Progress Tracking

We use our home-grown online Learning Management System to track a Student’s progress. We proudly use analytics to pinpoint areas of improvement as well as areas of strength. Students and parents can check progress online anytime, anywhere.

Community of Peer Learners

While learning, you are not alone! At every step, you get the support you need to excel. You will be part of a healthy, thriving community of peers who are learning and supporting their fellow learners. Have a question? Post and get an answer immediately from someone – not to mention, such answers are also being reviewed and moderated by mentors on the platform.

Learn at your own pace

We firmly believe that everyone has his/her own style and learn at their own pace. Rather than being part of one group that moves, you are treated individually. You can start a lesson, finish and join the next lesson when ready (assuming you finished all practice worksheets satisfactorily). Each unit (a group of lessons) ends with an assessment test in which you are required to pass.

Small Classrooms

Our typical classroom size is between 5-6 students. By keeping classroom size small, we are keeping students engaged, personalized and result-driven. You will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions, clear your doubts and know each other.

Internship and Mentorship

Our graduates will have an opportunity to mentor other kids. We offer an internship opportunity for bright students who help other students learn. You can be a teaching assistant, mentor or content writer. Such opportunities not only keep you in practice but also build leadership skills.

Our Most Popular Courses

Each of our course is designed and taught with the same basic principle – Learn, Practice, Measure and Collaborate.

Learn To Code

We do one thing and do it nicely. Rather than teaching everything, we are focused on giving a strong programming foundation. Each course is built upon the same philosophy – learn, practice and assess.

Each course will teach small concepts, make your practice better and finally evaluate to ensure you are comfortable before moving to the next lesson/unit.
With focus on problem solving skills, you acquire key techniques, learn visualtization tools such as FlowChart, Trace Tables, Bubble Diagram etc and practice enough to master the programming language.

AP Computer Science A

This course is for high school student of US who have opted for AP course on Computer Science. Complete AP Computer Science A syllabus is covered in this course.

Learn Python programming online

Learn Python

Python is relatively easy to learn and is a great point of entry into the programming world. It's simple enough to use by non-programmers, rather than being a language only for advanced programmers.

Scratch Programming for Kids

This course is a great entry point for young aspirants to the programming world. With Scratch, kids can program your own interactive stories, games, and animations — and share your creations with others in the online community. During the course, kids learn fundamental concepts of coding.

AP Computer Science Principle

This course is for high school student of US who have opted for AP Computer Science Principle. The syllabus is covered with focus on concepts tested in Computer Science Principle exam.

Learn Java Programming Online

Learn Java

Java is one of the best programming languages created. In this course, you will learn the foundation of programming, Java concepts and apply to several interesting problems.

Basics of Coding

This is a small course that focuses on thinking like a programmer, teaches basics of computer, get tools necessary to become a good programmer and most importantly sets the foundation for your next courses such as Python or Java. Throughout the course, add valuable tools in your toolbox.

What Students Are Saying

Kush Santosh

“Mr. Singh’s straightforward approach to teaching computer science was extremely helpful and made the concepts a lot easier to understand than the way it was taught in school. I feel more confident pursuing CS in college thanks to Mr. Singh.”

11th Grader | AP Computer Science A | Atlanta, USA


t is a very fun and engaging class every minute of the class. I’m learning something that will help me with my future and I’m having fun while doing it. Yashvant is a very caring and patient teacher allowing me to do better in class even when i struggle in some areas, and I’m happy I’m taking his python classes.

10th Grader | Python Forever | Atlanta, GA

Advait Sharma

“I must say that Python lessons are very informative and helpful. I am sure that they are going to help me in the longer run. Interesting and enjoyable sessions keep us engaged throughout. Comfortable amount of work set each week to ensure better understanding about the key concepts.”

8th Grader | Python Forever | London, UK

Aarya Mishra

“In the past, I tried to learn computer languages, including Python, but it was never as exciting and easy to understand. The online classes, followed by comprehensive assignments, make the learning perfect. Resolution to queries raised is also made in a very supportive way. I find myself lucky to join this class, which will undoubtedly help me in my academics and career progression. I thank Yashvant sir for such wonderful Python classes.”

8th Grade | Python Forever | Jamshedpur, India

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