7 Coding Platforms for New Learners

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Balancing Coding Platform Requirements

Enough of Coursera, Udemy, or YouTube for learning!!! I recently evaluated some new entries (and models) for coding platforms while building my CodeMode platform. By the way, let’s not underestimate YouTube in the category of video-based learning because I have seen (and learned) some excellent videos, tiny size ones. While videos provide relevant knowledge and become highly popular, it has not eliminated traditional printed book (ask book lovers). Different people are learning other formats of learning for various reasons. I use a combination of forms for two reasons. One, a complex topic is easily understood using a video or podcast, and second, I don’t want to hold computers or electronics in my hand all day (the book is excellent).

When it comes to learning to code, it is a different field because coding like Math requires a lot of practice and hand-holding in the beginning. If you give a self-paced coding course to students, they will throw themselves on the keyboard. LOL, but true.

Frustrated learners codemode

Coding may excite students, and they may jump immediately to start, but the task is hard to finish. No wonder, Udemy, Coursera, etc., has a meagre completion rate. I have bought so many Udemy courses but hardly completed many.

I also must say that “Learn to code” and “Teach Coding” sites are mushrooming on the web, and new players are coming into the market every month. Most of them are copies of another big player without any innovation in the learning model or value addition to students. They are using marketing horsepower to create a web impression to lure new entrants.

  • Real-Time help
  • Practice Focused
  • Personalized Learning
  • Class Format
  • Focus on fundamentals, especially problem-solving skills
  • Forums to ask queries/doubts
  • Price/Commitment
Coding Platform Comparison

Coding Platforms for New Learners

The risk of not picking good coding platforms is two-fold. It may waste your time, and second, you may lose interest or think that coding is complicated. Let me know what you think. CodeMode treats coding similar to Math or Reading. We use reading-comprehension style, practice-based, small byte-sized learning capsules with real-time support and a great community of verified learners. We are starting a summer camp for middle school, high school, and job aspirants. You may enrol here. If you find a good platform, please mention it in the comment, and I may include it in my research and update this blog.

Yashvant Singh
Yashvant Singh

Being an avid learner, technology leader, entrepreneur, mentor and educator, I enjoy teaching young brains. As a non-programmer by education, I consider myself an accidental programmer who just can’t be more thankful for it. I enjoy technology and am wow-ed by the potential of technology use for the betterment of human lives.


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