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Practical Python

  • Course level: Beginner

About Course

We do one thing and do it nicely. Rather than teaching everything, we are focused on giving a strong programming foundation. Each course is built upon the same philosophy – learn, practice and assess. Each course will teach small concepts, make your practice better and finally evaluate to ensure you are comfortable before moving to the next lesson/unit. With focus on problem solving skills, you acquire key techniques, learn visualtization tools such as FlowChart, Trace Tables, Bubble Diagram etc and practice enough to master the programming language.


Heard of these most popular programming languages and wanted to learn but don’t know where to start? Or you have tried to learn but never learned well? Learn the right way  – in this course, we build the foundation of Java programming,  help students think like a computer, and focus on problem-solving.

  • Learn on your own schedule
  • Complete access to the course for 6 months (can be extended on request)
  • Vibrant Online Community for Q&A
  • Online doubt-clearing session with teacher
  • Earn Certificate (Exit test required)
  • Earn Internship (Performers only)


4 Easy Steps to Start Learning:

Step 1: Click Enroll and Register on Sign Up page
Step 2: Click “My Classroom” and join the class using code “J4D9PF”
Step 3: Click “Course” and Open “LEARN PYTHON FOREVER 2.0” course
Step 4: Learn, Enjoy and spread the good words so that more serious learners join us and our community grows.

*This course doesnt’t have any online classes and you will learn on your own. Take this course if you want to try before you enroll in our Premium class which includes online classes and mentoring.

Yashvant Singh
Yashvant Singh

Being an avid learner, technology leader, entrepreneur, mentor and educator, I enjoy teaching young brains. As a non-programmer by education, I consider myself an accidental programmer who just can’t be more thankful for it. I enjoy technology and am wow-ed by the potential of technology use for the betterment of human lives.

What Will I Learn?

  • Build strong background in problem solving and coding
  • Life long skill
  • Pursue job-oriented courses such as Data Science, QA Automation, API Development to name a few
  • Earn a certification
  • Advance your career
  • Get good grades in your class
  • Automate boring tasks using scripting

Topics for this course

31 Lessons

Introduction to Python Programming?

In this preparatory unit, students set up a coding environment to understand computer fundamentals such as software, hardware, compilers, etc. Later, they set up a Python environment and run their first Hello World. They learn about code editors and install necessary packages.
How Computers Work00:00:00
Binary Numbers00:00:00

Getting Started with Python?

In this unit, students learn about algorithms and flowcharts and how they are translated into code. They also learn about variables, memory allocation of variables, and operators. They learn to accept input from users and show the output of the program. Finally, they learn to draw trace tables.

Sequence Control Structure?

In this simplest form of control structure, students learn to manipulate numbers, write complex mathematical expressions, and practice quotients and remainders. They also learn string manipulation and practice real-world string-based problems.

Decision Control Structure?

In this unit, students learn to identify and create questions and translate questions into decisions. They learn various types of decisions such as single alternative, dual alternative, multiple alternative, and nested decision. They also learn how to identify and apply these decisions when solving a problem. With the emphasis on Flowcharts, students learn to translate flowcharts into code.

Loop Control Structure?

Students learn to identify and build a repetitive set of tasks using loops. They practice visualization tools such as Flowcharts, Trace Tables, and Bubble Chart. Later, they learn to build pre-test, mid-test, and post-test and use them in the for and while loops. They practice the conversion of flowcharts to loops. Students apply knowledge to advance loops such as nested loops and finally learn loop optimization techniques.

Data Structures in Python?

In this unit, students learn basic data structures such as one-dimensional lists and dictionaries and their usage in solving different types of problems. They also learn two-dimensional lists with real-world examples. Finally, they solve some medium-to-complex problems using other concepts learned in previous units.

Functions / Subprograms?

Students learn about the reusability of the code by creating modular functions. They build the ability to identify scenarios from the problem statements and write generic & flexible code. They learn to package code for reusability in different programs.

Object Oriented Programming?

Based on the knowledge and skills acquired in previous units, students take their code management, reusability, and structure to next level by learning and applying Object-Oriented Programming. They not only learn the fundamentals but also learn real-world problems where they can apply. All Object Oriented Programming concepts are covered well.
Python Forever Free

Material Includes

  • Online access to course (Unlimited; Never expires)
  • Online access to Coding Platform (No external editor needed)
  • Sample Data needed in the course


  • Good Internet Connection
  • Working Laptop with any browser (Preferably Chrome)
  • Noise Free environment to ensure you attend and learn in the classes
  • Commitment and willingness to finish because there is no shortcut in life and there is no substitute to hard work

Target Audience

  • Middle School and High School students
  • College Students looking to build a career in IT
  • Job Seekers / Graduates
  • Professionals looking to advance their career
Students Love Us
  • Shaswat Naman
    10th Grade | New Delhi, India
    He is the most caring and friendly teacher who has managed to awaken my interest in coding. He teaches very effectively and makes learning a joy. Also, He is very engaging towards us, sends us weekly assignments and reminds us to submit them for review so that he can give feedback. His teaching method allows me to enhance my thinking capability.
  • Advait Sharma
    8th Grade | London, UK
    I must say that Python lessons are very informative and helpful. I am sure that they are going to help me in the longer run. Interesting and enjoyable sessions keep us engaged throughout. Comfortable amount of work set each week to ensure better understanding about the key concepts.
  • Aarya Mishra
    9th Grade | Jamshedpur, India
    In the past, I tried to learn computer languages, including Python, but it was never as exciting and easy to understand. The online classes, followed by comprehensive assignments, make the learning perfect. Resolution to queries raised is also made in a very supportive way. I find myself lucky to join this class, which will undoubtedly help me in my academics and career progression. I thank Yashvant sir for such wonderful Python classes.
Feautured Teacher
Yashvant Singh
Founder & Chief Code Coach

After graduating from one of the prestigious engineering colleges in India, I started my technology journey. I joined a software development company, where I learned and honed my programming skills. Later, I worked for some big names (Microsoft, EY, Avanade, T-Mobile etc.) to acquire more corporate experience. Finally, I decided to take a plunge for my passion – startups/innovation/entrepreneurship. I founded Dealyaa, failed miserably but learned a lot. 

In my second venture, I created an EdTech company which I have been successfully running for the past 5+ years. This EdTech ‘Perfectice’ has touched more than 300,000 students (primarily in India) and helped students become employable. CodeMode is my new venture to scale online teaching of programming courses to youngsters. I have been teaching (and learning how young brains learn) for the past 4 years.

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