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Calling Super Hero Teachers

We are expanding and we want to help you expand too. We are looking for teacher and tutors who can use our platform for free. No strings attached.

Learn to Code Online
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Bring your students

CodeMode is built by teachers for the teachers who want to help their students excel. You can start teaching right away - all you need is your students. After all, best things in life is still free.

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Use our courses

Good at teaching but dont have time to build a course? Take our courses and teach - we not only provide platform but also courses so that you can start right away. You can always start building the courses and practice tests later.

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Grow your reach

We continuously get enquiries from parents and students for tutoring, courses and help. Register here so that we can share your details with parents and students. We dont charge you or parents. It is all free.

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Benefits We Provide to Teachers

Build your brand and expand your horizon. Be part of the success.

Earn More

Earn More

Earn more by registering more students while bringing your own, existing students as well. Generate revenue by selling your high-quality content (practice tests, courses and video lessons). We provide you with an unlimited market waiting to be tapped.

‘YOU’ are your own brand

‘YOU’ are your own brand

We help you establish your brand so that you can scale new heights, either as an individual tutor/teacher or via effective promotion of your content in the form of Questions and Test Series on CodeMode with easy access to students in your local area. Make your content reach a much larger set of students and increase your visibility.

Time Saving

Time Saving

Instead of spending more time commuting or taking extra classes physically, create online content that will save you precious time. You can utilize this saved time for setting up new courses in just a few clicks.

Go Digital

Go Digital

Significantly reduced paper consumption enables you to be a more responsible citizen of society. You will also be spending less energy on paperwork with the help of automated evaluation.

Get Quality Students

Get Quality Students

You can use our platform to filter good students from existing pool, leverage our marketing talent or use assessment tool to filter. Students love good teachers and good courses.

Easy To Set Up

Easy To Set Up

Dive straight into starting your online tutoring business without the requirement of any technical knowledge. Our platform is easy to use and can be set up within minutes. All it takes is a few clicks.

What Teachers Can Do Here

We have complete platform and right tools for your success.

Content Development and Assignments

You can choose from our existing content to teach from. We provide a wide range of tests including Learning, Practise, Adaptive and Proctored. The types of questions that you can set are Free Response, Descriptive, Fill in the Blanks, Coding, Multiple Choice, Single Choice, Mix and Match, and many more.   

You can create and distribute assignments to your students. You also have the liberty to create your own content and syllabus in any way you want – build your entire course exactly how you desire!

Content and Assignments
Virtual Classroom for Teachers
Virtual Classroom

Manage your virtual classroom just like a real one, only much more efficiently! 

Create classroom codes, oversee your student’s performance, distribute assignments, manage digital assets and schedule tests without any extra hassle – simple and straightforward.

Detailed Analytics

Easy analysis of your students’ performances using automated evaluation tools. Personalize your teaching without spending lot of time using our analytics.

Analysis can be done on individual students or even entire classrooms to give you detailed performance reports.

Analytics for Teachers
Content Library for Teachers

Rich Content Library

Utilise reusable educational content in the form of videos, images and PDFs from our rich library. You can even create and upload content of your own for using it whenever you require.

Collaborate With Students

Stay connected with your students and receive instant notifications of any activity on discussion boards and chats well beyond school hours. Gain important feedback from your students and keep an active exchange of ideas and teaching methodologies.

Direct Teacher-Student Connect
Teacher Proctored Tests
Conduct Proctored Tests

When your students are writing tests, you can ensure zero cheating by virtually invigilating your students using the Proctored Tests mode. Any unusual activity such as tab shifting will be brought to your attention instantly.


Use existing course on the platform or bring your own curriculum course. We have tools to quickly and easily create course.

Practical Python

Practical Python

We do one thing and do it nicely. Rather than teaching everything, we are focused on giving a strong programming foundation. Each course is built upon the same philosophy – learn, practice and assess.
Each course will teach small concepts, make your practice better and finally evaluate to ensure you are comfortable before moving to the next lesson/unit.
With focus on problem solving skills, you acquire key techniques, learn visualtization tools such as FlowChart, Trace Tables, Bubble Diagram etc and practice enough to master the programming language.

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AP Computer Science Principle

AP Computer Science Principle

This course is for high school students of the US who have opted for an AP course on Computer Science Principle. Complete AP Computer Science Principle syllabus is covered in this course. You will learn Python with a focus on the fundamentals of programming as well as...

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AP Computer Science A

AP Computer Science A

This course is for high school students of the US who have opted for an AP course in Computer Science. Complete AP Computer Science A syllabus is covered in this course. You will learn Java with a focus on the fundamentals of programming as well as concepts tested in...

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Take our existing courses or create your own. Define your curriculum in easy steps.


Review your students’ performances with the help of our detailed analytics and personalize your teaching plans as per their needs


With options such as 1-to-1 chat, group chat, secure discussion forum and emails, the door of your classroom is never shut. Stay connected.

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