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Practice for Perfect Score

Sharpen your skills with the exam questions developed by course experts and take as many practice exams as you need to improve. Instant, detailed and personalized feedback to measure your progress.

Learn to Code Online
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Mind the Gap

We build a detailed score report that analyzes your strengths and weaknesses enabling you to modify your study approach to better match your needs. The more you practice, better your recommendations become.

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Real-time help a click away!

Students need timely help, especially when they are stuck while practicing. We provide unlimited help to ensure they progress and finish worksheet/practice books on time rather than waiting on the next class/session.

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Know your Academic Personality

You’re Careless - Did you miss questions because you didn't read carefully? If so, you need to practice and drill.
You’re Crunched - Did you miss questions because you ran out of time? If so, you need to work on pacing.
You’re Clueless - Did you miss questions because you had no idea how to answer? If so, you need to focus on a content review.

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Success is closer than it appears to you. Let data enlighten the path.

Achieve more in less time

Achieve more in less time

With the help of our adaptive assessments, practice questions that will help you improve faster. Get detailed analytics on your performance in each test and understand what your weak areas are so you can spend more time on them.

Unlimited Learning

Unlimited Learning

Take courses and practice as much as you want with our specially designed practice tests built to sharpen your skills. Learn in a more interactive and engaging manner with our easy-to-understand online content.

Get Timely Help

Get Timely Help

You have multiple means and tools to get timely help. Chat with a teacher, post questions in the secured online forum or invite teacher for a video call. You can annotate your screen to show steps taken to solve a question.

Know yourself

Know yourself

Matering exam taking skills is more than just academic excellence. With data and insight, you learn about yourself – your time management, your time wastage, strength, weakness etc. and build a strategy for every test. 


We have complete platform and right tools for your success. Do more in less time.

Collaborate and Interact

Get into instant chats with your teachers and classmates. Provide your teachers with your feedback and let them know what kind of content style you’d like to learn from. Get notified as soon as someone replies to you on the message centre.

World Class Practise-Based Learning

Ensure complete understanding of concepts by comprehension style learning. After every concept you study, you can master it by taking unlimited practice assessments, solving questions, attending classes and getting detailed analytics on your performance. 

Assessments and Comprehension
Assess yourself on the completion of each course through our adaptive tests and test series. You can also carry out an ongoing evaluation for yourself during your course and understand how much you have actually learned.
Virtual Classroom
Get the feel of a real classroom from wherever you are. Interact with classmates and engage with teachers on the go. You can easily submit your assignments to your teachers online as well.

Personalized Performance Dashboard

Analysing your performance has never been easier. Your dashboard helps you track time utlization, effort and outcome. You can also compare with other performers and improve time management skills. The more you use, the better recommendations and guidance you get.

Popular Courses

Teachers offer variety of courses. Your teacher may add you to one or more or you can take various independent courses.

AP Computer Science Principle

AP Computer Science Principle

This course is for high school students of the US who have opted for an AP course on Computer Science Principle. Complete AP Computer Science Principle syllabus is covered in this course. You will learn Python with a focus on the fundamentals of programming as well as...

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AP Computer Science A

AP Computer Science A

This course is for high school students of the US who have opted for an AP course in Computer Science. Complete AP Computer Science A syllabus is covered in this course. You will learn Java with a focus on the fundamentals of programming as well as concepts tested in...

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Practical Data Science

Practical Data Science

In this course, you will practice real-world problems. This course is divided into three modules. First is Python for Data Science, in this module, you will learn basic building blocks of Python programming. The second module is a database, in this module, you will...

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