Invest in the future of your kid

Tired of those institutes or courses where your kid never learned well or dropped out of the course and you money went into the drain? Get value for money and invest in the lifetime skill so that you dont have to pay again for the same learning ever.

Invest in the future

Coding for Middle & High School


– 32 weeks to complete the course
– 1 hour per week (1 sessions of 1 hour) / online class
– 3 hours per week online practice
– Attend class, do homework, ask and answer queries in the forum
– Bring your laptop and good internet connection
– Cancel anytime

Our regular Python & Java Classes With focus on problem solving skills and fundamentals of coding, our practice based learning model ensures that kids are learning at their own pace. You attend an online class, practice on our coding platform and view your progress.

AP Computer Science A Tution Fee


AP Computer Science A could be daunting and overwhelming to some – Get timely help and stay ahead in the class. We help you get A+ in College Board exam. Thank you for choosing to pay online. It is convenient, secure and safe.

Already a student or made a decision to be a student? We provide you convenience to make monthly tution fee using Paypal. We dont store any information on our side and transaction is safely and securely handled by Paypal. You can make a transaction withour hassle and worry. Thank you.

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