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Be partner in success

Data tells you true story. With our world class analytics solution, you will know the strength and weakness of your child including non-academic botlenecks such as time management and confidence factors. Combined with the knowledge, you can be more effective in mentoring.

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Set Goal and Track

If you are one of those parents who teach or ask your child to practice regularly, you can set daily goals on practice or even better, create sample tests from our pool of questions. Want to go futher, add your own questions. Possibilities are endless.

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Get Involved

With same data which is available to teachers and students, now you can have a meaningful dialog with teachers/tutors on the performance improvement of your child's subject areas. Not only you can track recent results but also overall performance over a period of time. You get to see improvements over a period of time.

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All in One Platform

Having more students in the family demand time and resources but we got you covered. You can bring all of your children on our platform and assess their skills, learning and track performance. You save time and energy becuase data is at your fingertips to have meaningful discussions with children.

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We help you become more involved in the success of your child

Be More Involved

Be More Involved

Easily assign tasks to your child and evaluate their performance. With the help of CodeMode’s detailed analytics, you can review their performance using our automated evaluation tools and keep a check on your child’s academic progress.



No more books and papers lying around creating a mess! With CodeMode, your child will have an all-in-one learning platform – digital books and digital notes. A cleaner room will also help increase your child’s productivity. There will also be no fear of losing important data.



Reduce your child’s travel expenditure by enabling them to take online courses from the comfort of home.  The financial burden that may sometimes become a significant part of academic goals is minimized, and your children have more opportunities to grow without being constrained by a budget.

Save Time and Encourage Self Learning

Save Time and Encourage Self Learning

With automated evaluation, online tests, and assignments, your child’s path to success will be much quicker. Not being confined by the four walls of the classroom will make them independent thinkers and accelerate their growth as individuals.


Every student is different and we know from this from data on our platform.

Assign and Create Tests

We provide a wide range of tests including Learning, Practise, Adaptive and Proctored. The types of questions that you can set are Free Response, Descriptive, Fill in the Blanks, Coding, Multiple Choice, Single Choice, Mix and Match, and many more. You can create tests for your child from our Questions Pool. With CodeMode, your child can practice as much as needed.

Detailed Reports and Analytics

Easy analysis of your child’s performance using automated evaluation tools. Analysis can be done for entire courses or individual tests. Be aware of how your child is faring and how much time they are taking to answer questions. 

Set Goals and Monitor your Child’s Progress

Track your child’s progress and performance on each test. See how they are scoring relative to the top performer and the average performer. Know exactly where your child stands amongst their peers.


If you don’t see the course of interest of your child, you can view all courses and search. You can also request a course to be added.

AP Computer Science Principle

AP Computer Science Principle

This course is for high school students of the US who have opted for an AP course on Computer Science Principle. Complete AP Computer Science Principle syllabus is covered in this course. You will learn Python with a focus on the fundamentals of programming as well as...

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AP Computer Science A

AP Computer Science A

This course is for high school students of the US who have opted for an AP course in Computer Science. Complete AP Computer Science A syllabus is covered in this course. You will learn Java with a focus on the fundamentals of programming as well as concepts tested in...

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Practical Data Science

Practical Data Science

In this course, you will practice real-world problems. This course is divided into three modules. First is Python for Data Science, in this module, you will learn basic building blocks of Python programming. The second module is a database, in this module, you will...

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Add your child on the platform. All of your children can be on the same platform.

Set Goals

Worried about your children not practicing enough? Set daily practice goal for your child and measure.


Be more involved. Evaluate your child’s performance using CodeMode’s quesiton pool, detailed analytics and reports.


Discuss and plan the way forward with your child's teacher to achieve results and academic success.

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