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Success in Math is all about practice. On the other hand, success in exams is more than just knowledge. It is about test taking strategies and student’s personality. Our test series comes with high quality, hand-crafted questions followed by exaplanations and analytics. .These insights help you understand your time management techniques, areas of weakness, unit pending for revision and much more.

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SAT Math

This practice series is for high school students preparing for the SAT exam, specifically the math portion. Complete SAT Math syllabus will be covered in this practice series. It will cover various math practices, emphasizing problem-solving, modelling, using tools strategically, and using algebraic structure. Students will be well versed with the concepts and possible questions after taking this practice series. Each test result shows you strength, weakness, time management and lot other insight to build not only academic foundation but also fundamental test taking strategies.

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6th Grade Math

This practice series is for middle school students of the 6th Grade in the US. The complete syllabus is covered. You can practice by unit or let the computer create adaptive tests for your level. You will learn numbers and their properties, variables & expressions, inequalities, ratio, rates, arithmetic operations, geometry, statistics etc. This practice series ensures that you get good scores in your class.

8th Grade Math

This math practice series is for middle school student (8th Grade) in the US. It covers the complete syllabus taught in 8th Grade. You can learn transformation, complicated equations, system of equations, lines of best fit and two–way tables etc. We ensure that you get good scores in your class.

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7th Grade Math

This practice series is for middle school students (7th Grade) in the US. The complete math syllabus is covered in which you learn Probability, Geometry, Expressions, Equations, Inequalities, Fractions, Percentage, Multiplications, Divisions etc. Such extensive practice ensures that you get good scores in your class.

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We like to keep things simple. With passion to teach students programming, we provide unlimited support, repeat lessons and catch-up classes. We not only teach students but also mentor them to be successful in their journey.

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