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Python Forever (Cashback)

  • Course level: Beginner

About Course

We do one thing and do it nicely. Rather than teaching everything, we are focused on giving a strong programming foundation. Each course is built upon the same philosophy – learn, practice and assess. Each course will teach small concepts, make your practice better and finally evaluate to ensure you are comfortable before moving to the next lesson/unit. With focus on problem solving skills, you acquire key techniques, learn visualtization tools such as FlowChart, Trace Tables, Bubble Diagram etc and practice enough to master the programming language.


Python programming is relatively easy to learn and is a great point of entry into the programming world. Lately, Python has been in huge demand as a career, thanks to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for processing large volumes of data. In this course, you build a foundation of coding, learn Python programming, and apply it to solve several interesting problems.

  • 2 Online classes each week
  • 1-to-1 mentoring for job readiness
  • Performance analysis and report
  • Join any class, anytime (unlimited repeat)
  • Interview preparation and resume submission to partner companies
  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Vibrant Online Community for Q&A
  • Unlimited 0nline doubt-clearing session with teacher
  • Earn Certificate (Exit test required)


Please use this course / payment to enroll in the cashback program. You must be committed to attend two online classes of 1 hr each week, and submit assignments on-time (deadline communicated by instructor in advance). For course curriculum, visit Python Forever (Premium)

Once you make a payment, course instructor will enroll you in the online classroom, will work with you to accomodate your schedule and send your email with Zoom link.

Yashvant Singh
Yashvant Singh

Being an avid learner, technology leader, entrepreneur, mentor and educator, I enjoy teaching young brains. As a non-programmer by education, I consider myself an accidental programmer who just can’t be more thankful for it. I enjoy technology and am wow-ed by the potential of technology use for the betterment of human lives.

What Will I Learn?

  • Build strong background in problem solving and coding
  • Life long skill
  • Pursue job-oriented courses such as Data Science, QA Automation, API Development to name a few
  • Earn a certification
  • Advance your career
  • Get good grades in your class
  • Automate boring tasks using scripting

Material Includes

  • Access to course (Unlimited; Never expires)
  • Online access to Coding Platform (No external editor needed)
  • Sample Data needed in the course


  • Lifetime access to course (Unlimited; Never expires)
  • Online access to Coding Platform (No external editor needed)
  • Sample Data needed in the course

Target Audience

  • Middle School and High School students
  • College Students looking to build a career in IT
  • Job Seekers / Graduates
  • Professionals looking to advance their career
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Feautured Teacher
Yashvant Singh
Founder & Chief Code Coach

Technology has been shaping our lives and I have been amazed by the positive use of technology to improve human lives. After graduating from NIT, Jamshedpur, I learned various aspects of software development and implementation by working in some of the leading firms including Microsoft and EY.

Six years ago, I decided to take a plunge for my passion – startups/innovation/entrepreneurship. I created an EdTech company Perfectice (www.myperfectice.com) which has touched more than 400,000 students (primarily in India) and helped students become employable.

In this journey, I realized the need of "practice based learning" and founded skill development startup named CodeMode. As part of CodeMode, I teach, mentor and help young brains adopt technologies, become super user and make a career in technology. I have taught more than 1000 students directly and indirectly on CodeMode in India and USA. All of my courses are very practice-based learning.

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