Basics of Coding   8 Sessions

This Basics of coding, is a small course which focuses on how to think like a programmer, learn basics of computer, learn tools necessary to become a good programmer and most importantly sets foundation for your next course such as Python or Java. You will learn extremely valuable tools such as algorithms, flowchart, trace tables, bubble graph etc. which are independent of programming language. You will be able to apply this to any programming language you chose to learn next.

Basics of coding

Unit 1 : How Computer Works

In this unit, students learn about data & information. They also learn various parts of the computers including hardware and software. They become familiar with binary, compilers, and code. 

2 Session

Unit 2 : Think Like a Computer

Learn to think like computers. Students learn algorithms and art of decomposition of a problem including steps, sequencing of steps, conditional steps and repetative steps.

1 Session

Unit 3 : Flowchart

Flowchart is a great visualization tool to represent an algorithm. In this unit, students learn and practice different flowcharting shapes and use them to help real-world problems including mathematical problems.

1 Session

Unit 4 : Internet

Students learn how the Internet works and discuss its impacts on politics, culture, and the economy. This unit heavily features the Internet Simulator, a tool designed to let students see, use, and explore the way different layers of the internet work.

2 Sessions

Chapter 5 : Coding in the Real World

Students learn about real-world software development including introduction to  lifecycle. They become familiar with different roles to create a useful software. They also understand different type of software including malware, games etc. Finally, they learn what is it to be a IT specialist.

1 Session

Unit 6 : What's Next

Once the basics of coding is done, Students are introduced to Python and Scratch, the natural next step in the programming journey. With goal to attract students into real programming world, an introductory lesson shows how different concepts learned in this course are applied and reusable in the programming language.

1 Session

Yashvant Singh


I have practiced programming languages for the past 20+ years and have taught several students of different grades in US and India. I have taught this course as part of other courses. I have laid the foundation in the journey to programming worlds. 3 years in a row, students have understood the basic concepts and taken further courses into Python, Java or Scratch. 

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