AP Computer Science A 32 Weeks

This course for high school student of US who have opted for AP course on Computer Science. Complete AP Computer Science A syllabus is covered in this course. You will learn Java with focus on fundamentals of programming as well as concepts tested in AP exam. We ensure that you get good score in your school unit tests.

AP Computer Science A

Chapter 1 : Primitive Types

This unit introduces students to the Java programming language and the use of classes, providing students with a firm foundation of concepts that will be leveraged and built upon in all future units. Students will focus on writing the main method and will start to call preexisting methods to produce output. Students will start to learn about three built-in data types and learn how to create variables, store values, and interact with those variables using basic operations..

3 Sessions

Chapter 2 : Using Objects

This unit introduces a new type of data: reference data. This unit builds on students’ ability to write expressions by introducing them to Math class methods to write expressions for generating random numbers and other more complex operations. In addition, strings and the existing methods within the String class are an important topic within this unit

3 Sessions

Chapter 3 : Boolean Expressions and if Statements

This unit focuses on selection, which is represented in a program by using conditional statements. Conditional statements give the program the ability to decide and respond appropriately and are a critical aspect of any nontrivial computer program. In addition to learning the syntax and proper use of conditional statements, students will build on the introduction of Boolean variables by writing Boolean expressions with relational and logical operators.

3 Sessions

Chapter 4 : Iteration

This unit focuses on iteration using while and for loops. This unit introduces several standard algorithms that use iteration. Knowledge of standard algorithms makes solving similar problems easier, as algorithms can be modified or combined to suit new situations.

3 Sessions

Chapter 5 : Writing Classes

This unit will pull together information from all previous units to create new, user-defined reference data types in the form of classes. The ability to accurately model real-world entities in a computer program is a large part of what makes computer science so powerful. This unit focuses on identifying appropriate behaviors and attributes of real-world entities and organizing these into classes. Students will build on what they learn in this unit to represent relationships between classes through hierarchies.

4 Sessions

Chapter 6 : Array

This unit focuses on data structures, which are used to represent collections of related data using a single variable rather than multiple variables. Just as there are useful standard algorithms when dealing with primitive data, there are standard algorithms to use with data structures. In this unit, students apply standard algorithms to arrays.

2 Sessions

Chapter 7 : ArrayList

In this unit, students learn about the limitations of arrays, and are introduced to a new data structure – ArrayLists. Students are asked to compare the two data structures, and implement programs that utilize each.

2 Sessions

Chapter 8 : 2D Array

In this unit, students learn how to store data in increasingly complex ways by introducing them to the 2D arrays. Students will learn standard algorithms to utilize and search 2D arrays, as well as ways to use them effectively in their programs.

2 Sessions

Chapter 9 : Inheritance

In this unit, students will learn how to recognize common attributes and behaviors that can be used in a superclass and will then create a hierarchy by writing subclasses to extend a superclass. Recognizing and utilizing existing hierarchies will help students create more readable and maintainable programs.

5 Sessions

Chapter 10 : Recursion

In this unit, students will learn how to write simple recursive methods and determine the purpose or output of a recursive method by tracing.

3 Sessions

Revision, Practice & Exam Preparation

Revision of topics taught, Practice questions emphasized in AP exam and Tips  Tricks for the Exams

3 Sessions

Yashvant Singh


I have been teaching AP Computer Science course 3rd year in a row. With more than 20+ years of coding experience and deep understanding of AP exams, I am well placed to teach and help student get A grade. I have taught local Altanta students, covering schools students from NorthView HS and other nearby schools.

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